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Listen to REAL Country Music radio at The Ranch Online - the internet Country radio station playing a great mix of the latest REAL Country music. The Ranch Online is the Country music radio station you can listen to all day long. The Ranch Online is the REAL Country music radio station for Country music lovers.

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Up to the Minute Country Music News

Country Music Radio News

Music newsThe Ranch Hands know that it's tough to keep up with everything that's going on with your favorite Country music artists. That's why we created a page devoted to what you favorite Country music artists are doing. Click HERE to visit the Country Music News page.

Today in Country Music History

Country music historyAfter you check out the Country Music News page at the Ranch Online you know what's going on today. Ever wondered what happened on this date in Country music history? Click HERE to see the highlights from this date in Country music history.

Country Music Artist Links

Artist linksThese days everyone has a web page! (How did we ever live without them?) When you're looking for a link to your favorite Country music artist you'll find it on our page of Country music radio artists links. Click HERE to visit the artists' link page.

Country Music Lyrics

Music lyricsAs Country music has changed over the years one thing has remained the same - the importance of the stories Country music radio tells. Finding lyrics to Country music songs used to be a problem. Now all you have to do is to find the lyrics to your favorite song is search the Country music songs lyrics page at the Ranch Online. Click HERE to visit the lyrics page.


HoroscopesSome people live and die by what their horoscopes say. Others just enjoy seeing what "the stars" have in store for them each day. You can check out your daily horoscope at the Ranch Online. Click HERE to visit the Ranch Online Horoscopes page.

Ranch Ambassadors!

AmbassadorsWould you like to be a Ranch Ambassador and spread the word about Country Music Radio on the Ranch Online? Drop us a line and let us know where you are and we'll add you to the list of Ambassadors for the Ranch Online.

Our first official Ambassador is Lincoln Pinho of Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Welcome, Lincoln, and thanks for letting everyone know anout the Ranch Online.

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